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We specialize in replacing broken springs for both standard and large garage doors at residential and commercial properties. Our pricing covers all the necessary work, installation of new springs, and includes guarantees for your peace of mind. Contact AZ Garage Doors today to get a quote for replacing one or two springs. Located in Phoenix, we provide prompt assistance throughout the Valley, whether it’s scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs.

Our trained experts are available 24/7 to address a wide range of garage door issues. If your springs break at night, you can rely on Garage Doors to promptly install replacements. Our service trucks are fully equipped, ensuring minimal wait times for repairs.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Here’s an interesting fact: an average garage door weighs between 200 to 400 pounds. While garage door openers may seem to do the heavy lifting, it’s actually the garage door springs that bear this weight. When these springs break or if incorrect types are used, it can compromise the safety of using the garage door.

When it comes time to replace a garage door spring, we strongly recommend replacing both springs simultaneously. This approach can lead to long-term cost savings. Replacing only one spring may result in the other aging spring breaking soon after. Despite their small appearance, garage door springs are incredibly strong and are responsible for the demanding task of lifting the garage door.

Garage Door Springs Have a Limited Lifespans

Depending on whether your garage door uses torsion or extension springs, you can anticipate needing to replace them at least once during the door’s lifespan. This is due to the limited lifespan of springs, which is measured in cycles—each cycle being one complete opening and closing of the door. Most springs are designed to last approximately 10,000 cycles.

When springs break, they lose their tension and are unable to assist in opening the door. In many cases, you’ll notice when they break because they often produce a loud popping noise, particularly if you’re at home.

When Should I Consider Replacing
my Garage Door Springs?

To gauge when you might need to replace your garage door springs, consider this timeline based on daily usage:

Opening and closing twice daily = approximately 14 years
Opening and closing four times daily = about 7 years
Opening and closing six times daily = around 5 years
Opening and closing eight times daily = roughly 3 years”

Same-day Garage Door Spring
Repair is available in Phoenix, AZ.

The AZ Garage Door team consists of licensed experts proficient in safely and efficiently replacing broken torsion and extension springs. We utilize high-quality replacement springs crafted from top-tier materials within the industry, including specialized options for heavy-duty commercial applications.

When facing a broken spring or springs, it’s crucial to take prompt action. Contact us at 480-204-1140, and in most instances, we can provide same-day service regardless of the time. Garage Doors excels in delivering top-notch garage door repair services throughout the area. Beyond spring replacements, we also offer sales, installation, repair, and maintenance of garage doors in Phoenix.